Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mistakes can work out . . .

There are times when nothing seems to go right . . . you have to make a choice about how to react in those situations. Those instances can be some of the best unplanned learning experiences.
A teacher that I work with had 2 google accounts (one connected to a gmail account and one connected to another email address). In her attempt to make things easier for herself, she deleted the account linked to the other email address. She did not realize that deleting that account would also delete her blog (which is one listed on the featured blog list for the county). After calling google and figuring out there was really not a way to get it back, she just decided to start a new blog. She was really upset (even a few tears I think). I am impressed that she cared that much about (saw the importance of) her blog that was created at the beginning of the school year.
She is using the things she learned from creating the first blog to make the newly-created blog even better. On the website where she got the background for her first blog, she went exploring and found other tips that she (and others like me) could use. For example, she found directions for adding a signature (which I did last night) and directions for changing the font for the blog post titles (which she did yesterday) on She used for the background for her new blog.
So although she was really upset when she discovered her error in deleting the original blog, it has turned into a blessing in disguise, even if she doesn't see it that way yet . . . .

Added later: I wasn't going to give out this person's name, but since she posted a comment, I will give a link to her newly-created blog :

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Anonymous said...

Melissa I am glad that my mistake has caused so much learning to take place for others, including myself. I truly think I will grow in my blog lifestyle from this experience!