Thursday, December 17, 2009

Helping Others

I enjoy helping others. Several people have come to me (whether they teach at the school where I work or not) for my help in the last few days, and I have loved being able to help them. That may sound like a selfish statement, but it is not meant that way. I just think that is neat that I get to help others figure things out. I enjoy "playing around" with things to figure them out (but I will look at the directions and ask for help if I can't figure out what to do).
Someone this week (from another school) contacted me with some questions to help out her family member (who is at another different school). I admitted that I was not sure how to do what she was wanting to do, but told her that I would be more than willing to see what I could find out and work with her to try to make it happen. For advice on the situation, I went to Twitter and posted a question. It is a bit funny that a response came from a person who teaches in the same school system, but at another school. After emailing and playing phone tag with the person needing the help, we finally got to talk. She was able to take the bits and pieces of information I had sent combined with the bits and pieces of information she had figured out (or gotten from someone else). Although the ending product (which you can see here) may not have been what she intended originally, she was able to create something that she is proud of and is going to enter in a contest to support her students and her program.
I guess the title of this post might should have something to do with how connections make things possible . . .


SeƱora O’Neal said...

Connections are pretty remarkable, aren't they? I just love it when things fall into place. Even when we may not know exactly how to help the other person, sometimes just knowing that someone is out there to support us is enough. Thanks for being willing just to listen because I sure do get frustrated with technology! Your followers can view my students' video for the ACTFL contest at

Melissa Edwards said...

I enjoyed helping you. Please let me know anytime I can be of assistance (and again the video is GREAT).