Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Why have I not been doing PBL activities the last few weeks? That question repeatedly came to mind today as I watched my students work with a new one after I introduced it today. The logic, reasoning, and thinking skills I witnessed as I watched and listened to the conversations that took place while students were figuring out what to do was amazing. Any idea given was quickly followed by a reason supporting it and/or a question or idea challenging/supporting the thinking behind it. My 3rd graders got together on the rug across the room (turned away from me and everything else going on in the room) while my 4th graders sat on the other side of the table from me. They seemed to be arguing their respective sides, but were in fact stating and supporting something opposing ideas and/or positions. The one we worked on today involved math, and I think this IS the way for me to teach math!

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