Friday, December 12, 2008

Assessment Observations

Earlier this week, I sat to the side and observed my 3rd grade AIG students while they were working on vocabulary lessons. To see them give answers and try to prove why their answer was the correct one realy showed me the learning that was taking place. Just from listening to their comments (arguments) I could assess their learning, which I guess is a form of alternative assessment.
Listening to the 4th grade students talk about the book they are reading for class also gave me information so that a traditional test was not needed to see what they learned.
We did a Math activity exploring area and perimeter using cubes. Students had to see how many shapes they could create and then find the area and perimeter of those shapes. Students figured out (on their own) that shapes may have the same area but that doesn't mean they have the same perimeter. They also figured out that any shape the created with 4 cubes would have an area of 4 square units.
Working with the AIG and Enrichment students is really showing me how various forms of assessments can be used effectively.

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