Thursday, July 26, 2007

Communication Tools

After downloading Skype, I was able to get my webcam to work with it. However, I was never able to talk to anyone. After trying for quite a while (I don't like to give up), I switched to yakpak. There were several people around me that seemed to have that working a little. After a while, I was able to hear somebody talking barely. I have already adjusted the volume on my headphones and microphone. She was able to hear me responding but it was very soft. This was quite difficult to figure out, and I don't think I will be attempting this with my students until or unless I can figure it out more.
I know that just because I was not able to figure it out very sucessfully is not necessarily a good reason for not trying this out with my students, but I think there are better ways for me to use technology with my students than through this method. I do think using the webcam with students and possibly other classes might be a neat thing to try (which I might do), so we will see.

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