Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teacher Tools in Learning Village

Where is the first place you go to look for ideas for a lesson on a certain topic? We all have our favorite places to go. Some of your commonly used resources may be listed in the image above. Did you (as a WSFCS teacher) know that you can go to one place and be able to access all of the sites listed? These Teacher Tools for you to search in are all linked to the front page of the WSFCS Learning Village Curriculum Warehouse. I was impressed to be able to find them all in one place, but what even caught my attention more was that if you search for your grade or subject in Learning Village, there are links to specific things in most of these resources. That means you won't have to take time to search for the pieces that fit with your curriculum area and Standard Course of Study. You might also be able to find some lesson and project ideas within Learning Village depending on your curriculum.

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