Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday Tech Tips

This year I have been sending out Tuesday Technology Tip emails to the staff at my school (along with some tech facilitators and media coordinators at a couple of other schools). I normally include at least one thing related to ActivInspire (which we are trying to get everyone at my school to use this year) and something else technology related, which is normally either something I find on twitter or on the iLearnTechnology Blog (thanks Kelly). I post the things I send out on my Technology Blog normally and try to remember to tag them with Tues_Tech_Tips.
I have gotten some thanks for sending out these messages throughout the year. I got 2 emails about the tips I sent out yesterday (a bit unusual). One came from the Curriculum Coordinator at my school(in charge of Black History Month Celebration happening soon):
"Just wanted to tell you that I had a chance to look at the link.

The other one came from the media coordinator at another school in this school system: You are a GENIUS. Love Today's Tuesday Tech Tip.
When I asked what he liked so much, I got this response: "The links for the African American Biography were exactly what I needed for a project I had just goten done talking to a teacher about doing on biographies. Plus this morning, there was an announcement our students need to get ready for Science fair. "
I did sit in on lesson planning meetings last week and heard teachers talk about the Science Fair coming up soon as well as Black History Month. While the information and resources I included in this week's Tuesday Technology Tip may not have been the most cutting-edge technological resources or tools, but it was what teachers were looking for at that particular time. The teachers who got this email with timely resources and links are more likely to use them than if it was just a really interesting tool (to me). It is about the technology going along with the curriculum, not making the curriculum fit the technology.

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