Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twitter as a Treasure Chest

I have found lots of new things (blogs mainly) to read and to add to my google reader using Twitter tonight. Two of the blog posts I read tonight talk about the importance of twitter to a PLN (especially concerning #edchat). I could not agree more! I have learned so much and been "granted access" to so many great ideas and resources by participating in Twitter. Notice that I said PARTICIPATING and not just reading. Even though I am not sure that I directly did anything that lead me to find new blogs for me to follow tonight, I do feel like that by interacting and feeling like "part of a group" I am exposed to more options. I like to see what people retweet and then go check out the person they retweeted to see what I might be able to gain by making that connection (that sounds a bit selfish, but . . . ).
Here are the ones I found tonight to add to my list of things to read . . .
Here is one I found a few days ago that I think deserves to be here too:
When I decided to write this post (a few minutes ago), I wasn't really sure what title to give it. But as soon as I started working it, the comparison of Twitter and a Treasure Chest popped right to my mind :) I really see Twitter as a Treasure Chest since it contains lot of valuable information/resources and . . . you never know what you might find . . .


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