Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feeling quite proud of myself!

I am feeling quite proud of myself for the things I have done today! I managed (without notes) to set up a document camera, laptop, and activboard without using a splitter so they remote can be used to go back and forth between the computer and the doc camera. I managed (with notes) to successfully install the queue software (that has been driving me crazy for weeks). I did a one-on-one schoolcenter workshop with the curriculum coordinator after checking everybody's sites for monthly updates earlier today. I helped some teachers with their blogs. I found where the ActivVotes, ActivExpressions, and ActivSlates are in the building so I can hopefully get them ready for teachers to check out to use. I figured out a way for the one 4th grade class without an activboard to be able to use a slate and a projector to create somewhat of an interactive board (now I just have to try it out and make it happen).

Yay for all I have learned and done today!!

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