Wednesday, September 23, 2009

blogging tech training

On the way home, I thought more about the tech training today. I had two 3rd grade teachers ask me (of all people to ask) what the educational value of blogging. I told them how I used it, which I thought was for a very educational purpose. I guess that means they have not looked at the stuff on blogs that I sent that include some links about why kids should be blogging (and it probably would not do any good to send it again) :)

Even though the negatives are the things that stick out, I think some good things came out of today's training. I have already had emails asking for more guidance/suggestions concerning using blogging with students.

I think it all goes back to changing the mindset of the teacher. If the teacher sets it up so there is a purpose and a structure (while still allowing for some freedom), wonderful things can come from student blogging (or any type of project, especially one related to technology). I saw that for myself last year. I saw how much more students were capable of doing if they were just given the chance. I keep hearing the "our kids can't use this at home and the parents won't look at it" excuse. My students last year for the most part did not have home access. We did it at school. Yes, it was a bit daunting at first to think about, but I just felt like I needed to jump in and do something to figure it out. I was/am so impressed with the results. I can't imagine teaching and not doing the technology stuff that I did, which was why I found the question about the educational value of blogging so surprising. I probably did not do a very good job answering it since just the question itself totally shocked me.

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