Friday, December 5, 2008

New plans

We have been doing some PBL related activities but I just haven't kept track of them very well . . . uh oh. We have also been involved in lots of testing and meetings . . . not to mention being out for Thanksgiving break. I have recently tried to start a wiki for PBL brainstorming. I am not really sure what I am doing but I am trying.
As I was making my lesson plans for next week, I included lots of PBL activities for each grade.
3rd Grade will be working on using map sources with the PBL activity called X marks the spot and one called Do you know where you are going?.
2nd grade will be working on problems involving Science and Math (Boating Bears and Metric to the Rescue). I can't wait to see what kinds of idea students come up with for the Measurement PBL. These students just finished some projects involving writing, like adding more to the ending of a story and writing the beginning of a brand new story.
On one first grade teacher's blog, there is some information about solids, liquids, and gas, so our next PBL activities will also deal with those forms of matter.
I am trying to use a lot of technology while doing these various activities.

I sat in on collaboration meetings with many of the grade levels and ordered some PBL kits from CERTL to go along with the ideas being introduced next in 2nd grade.

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