Monday, November 3, 2008

Research on Teaching-Learning Models

Doing research to see what teaching-learning models I can combine with Problem Based Learning for full curriculum coverage approach

What are some commonalities among models?
· Learner centered
· Inquiry or discovery approach to learning
· Constructivist
· Levels of Creativity and/or Problem Solving skills

How can teaching-learning models not developed primarily for gifted students be modified?
· Process modifications (higher order thinking, open-endedness, discovery)
· Content modifications (what is being taught)
· Curricular modifications in product and learning environment (learner centered, encouraging independence, openness and flexibility, accepting, complexity, high mobility and varied grouping arrangements)
What models might be used together in complementary ways?
· The taxonomies must be combined with other models or used differently for a complete curriculum approach
· Bruner’s BSD can be combined effectively with ALM, Enrichment Triad Model, Schoolwide Enrichment Model, Group Investigations, Taba strategies, DISCOVER, or Prism. It can also work well with the taxonomies or Creative Problem Solving. (pg. 156)
· Kohlberg’s Approach to Moral Educations should be combined with a process model like Taba strategies, Prism, Creative Problem Solving, PBL, or TASC.
· Williams Model must be combined with other models to form a comprehensive program for gifted students.
· Taba Teaching Strategies can be combined easily to yield a comprehensive curriculum with the Autonomous Learner Model, BSD, DISCOVER, PBL model, Enrichment Triad Model or Schoolwide Enrichment Model, Group Investigations, or TASC/ (pg. 364)

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