Friday, October 10, 2008

Summarizing and Note taking

One of Marzano's High Yield Strategies that we discussed at a meeting yesterday involves teaching students how to summarize and take notes in order to increase their learning. An idea came to for 5th grade ecosystems (that I help with in the afternoon). I created a combination notes template containing a place for a topic, illustration, notes, and summary. Since I did not use any specifics, this template can be adjusted to use for any topic. I shared the idea and template with the 5th grade teachers and Ms. Frazier. I made paper copies of the chart and emailed it. I may look into saving it in the shared folder for any teacher to access.
I also decided that my students could use their planning notebooks to take notes on the things they have learned that day or week. We could also use the online learning logs for this. Today, my 3rd grade group is typing notes about what they have learned about multiplication in both thie group and in their classrooms. They are typing on the blog! :) I like the ideas presented in the book and will try some of those with students. I especially like the one about deleting information.

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