Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Story Map

My original thoughts when I asked my AIG students to create a map from the information found in the novel was a creation like a street map. I am very pleased to see the way these student interpreted the instruction and ran with their creative ideas! They have created very descriptive story "maps" based on the details in the story. They have drawn the building, the pathways, some of the characters, and lots of other neat details. They keep telling me about what certain things mean on their maps. I told them that they are going to have to type descriptions of all the things included in these maps. A traditional story map involved listing the characters and what happened in the beginning/middle/end of the story. These creations have really turned into "story maps" formed as we uncovered new information and details from the book. We ha ve a map/illustration of the fictional town where the story takes place. Students are also working well in their multi-grade groups.

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