Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I enjoyed creating my moviebook today. I took still pictures of the pages in Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook Adventure. Some of the pictures turned out better than others. If I did this at home, I could probably fix them using my photo editing software or by scanning the pages rather than taking pictures. I liked being able to click and drag the picture to the slot I wanted it in the storyboard. I then recorded my narration for each page. I painstakingly moved things around the line up the pictures with the sounds. I like the way it looked. I decided to try and add transitions that looked like the pages were turning. But the problem was when I tried to add these transitions, it made the sound and picture timing different. Right now I don't feel like taking the time to play around and fix it. I am not sure how things would have been different if I had added transitions before adding sound. I guess that is something I could try next time.

I think I would enjoy letting students see what they could come up with using this program. Since I will be teaching at a magnet school for the visual and performance arts, making movie books like this or what we did yesterday might prove to be a good way for my students to present the projects they create. I think it would neat to scan or take pictures/videos of student work. Students would be responsible for writing about (or describing) what they have done, and then we could use microphones and record their voices reading what they have written to show along with the pictures.

I used Microsoft photostory and PowerPoint yesterday to do about the same thing. I think that might have been a bit easier, but who knows. . .

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