Monday, July 30, 2007


I am a big fan of doing WebQuests with my students. I like to have them study the author that we are currently reading, and there are many author webquests or ones to go along with certain books. I also enjoy using WebQuests to assist in SS instruction. But for some reason, I was off today, and I am not sure I am happy with the one I produced today. It is probably because I am tired today.
I think WebQuests make the students responsible for their own learning. In evaluating ones to use, I like the ones that actually make the kids read and explore rather than just giving them answers flat out.
I can see how WebQuests can be used as a starting point for the Inquiry-based writin we discussed in class today. I really like those charts Dave showed us.
Ok, now I am at home, I have had time to think about the WebQuest-type project I created. I thought of some changes that I wanted to make. I guess that is like my telling students they should go away from the stories they are writing before they work on revising them. I added and changed some things, and then I downloaded a new background template for PowerPoint. I now really like what I created today and can really see myself using it in the next school year.

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Dave Koppenhaver said...

I am so impressed that you came back to your thoughts. It's hard to turn off good thinking, but easy not to share. Thanks for posting.